Project Records

  • B.Abbas refinery project, Combined / complicated transportation of heavy reactor (700 tons, 46m x 8m) for B.abbas refinery from Kuantan port of Malaysia up to B.Abbas via Jebel Ali port by Ro/Ro barging system. (The heaviest pieces which has been ever shipped to Iran by Ro/Ro operation.) please see photos.


  • Iran LNG project. Honored to be first who shipped by good new vessel of COMBI DockIII as first vessel arrived for grand opening of new port of KPG-Port-Tonbak in IRAN LNG project site, at Assaluyeh free zoon. Please see the photos.


  • Iran LNG project. Shipments of 23 units heavy components upto 760 tons piece weight, plus G. Cargo, the total cargo for Gas treatment plant of IRAN LNG Project, directly to their port of KPG port – and on-carried to the foundation, for EPC contractor NARDIS. Please see the photos.


  • Shazand refinery extension plant project, the largest refinery project of Iran up to now. Including about 280,000 ft G.cargo, more than 150 units of HL / ODC from 70 to 520 tons/ peace weight. SPS nominated as a mean forwarder by Sazeh the leader of EPC consortium Sazeh, ODCC, and SEI-China.

Logistic started from March2008 and has completed by mid 2011. About 80% of total project cargo around 1000 shipments from Europe origins and

              far-east shipped by SPS.

The 6 heavy reactors, separated in 23 sections, of 270 to 360 tons, in order to be transportable weight for passing the mountain, curvy road from BAB to job site, Shahzand, about 2,200 km distance. Pieces are shipped from Italy to job site via BAB, and same SPS has shipped 6 heavy kilns of 500-520 tons from Thailand to job site via B.Abbas through same road. SPS pleased could manage the door to door services for such difficult heavy pieces. Please see the photos.


  • Phase-12 EPC2 project. SPS nominated as exclusive forwarder by EPC Consersium of Dealim/Sazeh/kayson (leading by Dealim Korea),for project cargo from origins of korea, China and Europe to job site at Assaluyeh oil&Gas zoon. Shipments of many heavy lift up to 460 tons, G.cargo and many Air cargo were involved. According to transport restriction, many heavy pieces shipped through barging on Ro/Ro bases. The transit formalities at arrival ports and final customs clearance at job site of Phase12-EPC2 in Assaluyeh-Tonbak, for such heavy traffic transport was part of SPS services. The project has been started on Dec, 2010 and is estimated to be completed at end 2014. Please see the photos.


  • Phase-12 EPC2 project. Ro/Ro barging operation of 3 heavy/OD tower for Phase 12 project from Assaluyeh port to KPG - TONBAK Port.


  • Phase-12 EPC2 project. Transport, transit and customs clearance for total G. Cargo & heavy pieces, of EPC contractor IIND, to their site at Tonbak-Assaluyeh. 2 years operation.


  • Abadan refinery project. Barging Ro/Ro operation of two heavy/OD Reactor and Regenerator (each 446 tons 37.5 x 11 x 10 m) of Abadan refinery project, from BIK port to project site at Abadan, EPC contractor PIDEC - Shiraz. Please see photos.


  • Siri Island LNG project. Transshipment of turbines, generators and project cargo of Siri sland LNG project for EPC Farab through barging Ro/Ro system, Please see the photos.


  • Tishreen Syria power plant project. Turbines, generators of about 200tons/peice and accessories for MAPNA (Iran Power Plant Project Management Company) from B.Abbas to Tishreen Syria power plant project. Please see the Photos.


  • Tavanir Gas Turbines, 22 units heavy & volume turbine (frame 9), Generators, and related project accessories for several power stations of Iran power plan company, (Tavanir). Please see the photos.


  • ILAM Power Plant. Shipments of total Power Plant equipments from Europe and Fareast origins for EPC company, Farab..


  • MEG Khark Island project. The complete logistic services for MEG Khark Island project which relocated to Assaluyeh, one of largest petrochemical project in IRAN including several heavy pieces up to 950 tons reactors, G.cargo, Air cargo from far-east, Japan and European origin to job site at Assaluyeh, for EPC contractor PIDEC. Please see the photos.


  • Kermanshah Petrochemical project. Total shipments of Kermanshah Petrochemical project, from European origin to job site at Kermanshah EPC contractor Sazeh in two years.


  • Khoy Cemet plant. Total logistics services for Khoy Cemet plant, from European origin via B.Abbas to job site at Khoy, a city in north west part of Iran, 2500 km far from B.Abbas. Please see the photos.


Plus shipments for several cement plants, .




Individual project shipments.


  • Sadaf Cable shipment. 73 km Electrical, IT cable of Sadaf off-shore company has shipped by SPS from Italy Napoli to Abu-Dhabi port in a creative   way, using  box vessel and by welding steel pipe on lower deck, we could make two spools and shipped the 73 km Cable without cutting in a very economical cost, camper with special cable carrier vessel, the cost became 1/3. In Abu-Dhabi the cable transshipped to water layer vessel.

Please see the photos.


  • Arvand PVC project. Heavy transformers of 185 tons to Arvand PVC project site at BIK complex and more transformers for regional power plant in Iran (Bargh Mantaghei).



  • Ura & Ammonia project. Shipment of heavy reactor of 620 tons for Ura & Ammonia project in Assaluyeh petrochemical / Gas zone.


  • Bandar Abbas refinery. Several shipments of heavy equipments and modules for Bandar Abbas refinery including pieces weight of 520 tons.


  • Jam petrochemical plant – Assaluyeh , Shipment of heavy components for Jam petrochemical plant – Assaluyeh


  • Zagros petrochemical plant – Assaluyeh Shipments of heavy lift cargo for Zagros petrochemical plant at Assaluyeh.


  • Sarakhss Gas refineries. Heavy pieces and project cargoes for Sarakhss Gas refineries belong to Iranian Gas Company. (N.I.G.C.).


  • Fajr Petrochemical project. Shipment of heavy components for Fajr petrochemical plant at BIK project zoon.


  • PSO gantry cranes. Shipment of gantry cranes for Port & Shipping Organization of Iran, (PSO).


  • Car body maker. Heavy presses of 300 to 600 tons shipped for several car body maker and refractory plants.


  • Bonyad Eastern Rail Co. Shipment of railway cars, train sets, for Bonyad Eastern Rail Co. from Denmark to B.Abbas port.


  • Iranian Railways. Several shipments of total 63 units heavy locomotives for Iranian Railways from Halifax Canada to BIK.


  • Copper Industries. Heavy machineries and vehicles for Sarcheshmeh Copper Industries.


  • Heavy equipment. and machineries for Ministry of Mines and Metals.


  • Frosty Heavy equipment, and machineries for Ministry of Jahad.

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