SPS is well known for being a reliable Project Forwarder in Iran freight market.
Dealing with heavy lift cargo for over 20 years, by having, , good relation with first class heavy lift carriers, BigLift Shipping BV, BBC Chartering, Combo Lift, ..... and having long cooperation with reliable domestic marine, overland heavy lift carriers, have enabled us to manage integrated transport from worldwide manufacturer site to project site in greater Iran.
In order to fulfil complete project logistics requirements, A to Z, The SPS organized deferent transport departments of Air-cargo, LCL /FCL service, G-cargo, ODC/HL cargo, customs clearance, and transport engineering Department for satisfaction of the clients.
SPS Engineers have designed transport solutions for many difficult HL's through over 2000 km difficult curvy mountains road to project sites and also designed the Ro/Ro operation by using suitable barge and hydraulic axels for several heavy pieces.
In this respect, SPS has carried out, many project s for Iran's Oil, Gas, Petrochemical industries, power plant projects, Cement factories and so on. For further details,Please refer to Record list.

Our experience and professional knowledge ensure a safe transportation, regardless of the size / weight of the cargo and final destination

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